“Two Capitals Highway” LLC became a party to Interoperability Agreement

In the framework of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, all operators of Russian toll roads entered into an additional interoperability agreement. “Two Capitals Highway” LLC also jointed the interoperability system on the basis of the agreement.

The agreement unites independent operators of toll roads within a single toll system (also referred to as the interoperability). In such a manner, each user of toll roads has a possibility to pay with the use of a single transponder irrespective of the issuing operator. A transponder helps to spend less time at toll plazas and enjoy substantial discounts provided by operators.

​​​​​​​The agreement was signed by the following representatives:

Chairman of the Board of “Russian Highways” State Company - Sergey Kelbakh,

General Director of Avtodor-Toll Roads LLC - Dmitriy Dunayev,

CEO of “Two Capitals Highway” LLC - Anton Novikov,

General Director of NWCC LLC - Guillain Jean-Marie Lorthiois,

General Director of UTS LLC - Thierry Maurice Puy,

General Director of WHSD JSC - Konstantin Popov,

Director of AO Glavnaya Doroga - Mikhail Plakhov,

Director of AO Novoye kachestvo dorog - Vyacheslav Nekrasov

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