Safety Week at New M11 Section

Safety Week is running between October 7 and 11 at M11 Highway’s Section 7, km 543 – km 646. Safety Week is a global project by Vinci Highways Group while Two Capitals Highway is part of this Group. The project aims to raise safety awareness among road users and employees of service companies.

Service companies, the Road Police, and Emergency Control Ministry dwelled upon safety rules on high-speed roads, winter driving features, and the work of accident assistants.

Northern Highway Operator (NHO) arranges, inter alia, the work of accident assistants. During a special venue at the rest area of km 562, accident assistants were demonstrating equipment and sharing that one can always call *2011 in case of any accidents, no gas, broken car, or health issues. Service vehicles are equipped with a complete range of equipment, including a professional first-aid kit, tools, fire extinguishers, LED flash road signs, and an onboard flash light for dark time of day. If required, traffic assistants can call a tow truck, emergency services, take a photo of the accident scene, help prepare accident-related documents as per the European Accident Statement, render first-aid medical and psychological assistance, as well as bring drivers and passengers to the nearest safe place.

North-West High-Speed Highway Operator is in charge of M11 maintenance, cleaning and repairs, and eliminating emergency consequences. In this rest area, the Operator demonstrated a multi-purpose road maintenance vehicle, which removes snow and puts deicing materials on the roadbed. Its grasp width is 7.2 m. The winter period sees an increasing number of collisions with maintenance machinery due to poor visibility, glazed frost or simply inattentive driving.

Emergency Control Ministry Division in Novgorod demonstrated the Cuirassier mobile complex enabling to get quickly to the place of any accident. It is designed for delivery of the personnel, specialized tools and equipment for rescue and fire-extinguishing operations, including extinguishing local fires, conducting priority emergency rescue operations, and eliminating any accident consequences. In case of severe traffic jams, the M10 motor road and M11 Highway are assisted by motorcycle teams with all the necessary equipment, including fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, and pneumatic jaws for cutting and unclenching metal.

Road Police Novgorodsky Mobile Crew gave drivers retroreflective vests, which are mandatory to use on the road, and issued leaflets with basic safety rules.

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