In May 2016, test laying of asphalt concrete mix, which was selected in advance thanks to participation of specialists in road construction industry, was performed.  The works were executed to define a laying method allowing to obtain the required compaction that directly influences strength and service life of asphalt concrete pavement. As of today, all required tests to define the mix and laying method are complete, the works on arrangement of about 35 thou. m2 of the asphalt concrete base course have been performed.

137.6 km long Sections 7 & 8 of M-11 start from the Ring Road and pass through the territories of Moskovsky and Pushkinsky districts of Saint Petersburg, through Tosnensky district of Leningrad region and through Novgorodsky and Chudovsky Districts of Novgorod Region.About 30 construction companies of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region, 2000 people, and more than 600 pieces of machinery are engaged in works at the Facility.

Nowadays, topsoil stripping, weak soil replacement, embankment and base course filling, culverts installation, construction of foundations for bridges and overpasses, as well as asphalt works are in progress.  About 10 mln. m3 of sand, and about 2.5 mln m3 of crushed stone have been delivered to the construction site.

About 4 mln m3 of sand is filled to embankment body to arrange roadbed. Works at 31 engineering structures are being executed. For the moment, works on arrangement of pier foundations for bridge structures reach 5.5 thou. m3 of concrete in volume.

Sand and crushed stone required for the Construction are supplied from quarries located in Leningrad and Novgorod Regions and having corresponding licenses. Concrete is supplied from factories of Saint Petersburg, Leningrad and Novgorod Regions. Pre-cast reinforced concrete products for engineering structures of the Highway are produced at leading enterprises of Saint Petersburg. Supply of superstructures out of reinforced concrete is arranged from factories of Moscow and Leningrad Regions.

A set of measures aimed at mitigation of effect of Construction and Operation of the new Highway at the environment. Monitoring of emission of contaminating substances into the atmosphere on the limit of sanitary control zone nearby residential areas is performed on a monthly basis. Following the monitoring, no cases of contamination were recorded. Places of temporary storage of waste accumulated during construction activities (4th and 5th hazard classes) are arranged, recording of volume of waste being accumulated and control over regularity of waste disposal is arranged. All solid waste are transferred to specialized agencies in due order to be then delivered to licensed dumping facilities.

Moreover, the Contractor, ICA Company, performs monitoring of technical condition of public roads used for construction of Sections 7 & 8 of M-11 and maintains them in passable conditions during the period of Construction. Related agreements have been signed between the Project’s Grantor, i.e. “Russian Highways” State Company, “Two Capitals Highway” LLC, ICA, the Road Committee of Leningrad Region, the Transport and Public Road System of Novgorod Region, GOKU Novgorodavtodor, GKU Lenavtodor. Total length of public roads used for the Construction is 250.35 km, 106km of which are located in Leningrad region and 144.35 km – in Novgorod region.

The Contractor obtained all required permits and permissions for works’ execution. Land plots lease agreement which allow for unimpeded work’s execution within the right-of-way are signed as well. Among them, a Governor’s order of the Leningrad Region on leasing parcels of forest land with the purpose of the Highway Construction.

Construction of Sections 7 & 8 of M-11 is a key infrastructure project of Northwest region of Russia. The Highway will bypass all residential areas thus allowing to redirect existing traffic from the overcrowded M-10 Rossiya and to decrease traffic intensity of local and regional roads.

VTB Capital and VINCI Highways, shareholders of “Two Capitals Highway” LLC have considerable experience in the sphere of construction projects’ management and preconstruction preparation, what is a key factor in effective implementation of Project aimed at construction and operation of the Highway.

Construction completion and putting Sections 7 & 8 of the Highway into Operation is planned for the middle of 2018.

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