Novgorod - Tver toll road fee defined

The toll charged from light motor vehicles for traveling along 330-km section of new Moscow - St. Petersburg M-11 Highway from Novgorod to Tver will amount to 356.4 - 660 rubles.

According to the Press Service of “Russian Highways" State Company, 200-km section of M-11 Highway located in Tver and Novgorod Regions (km 334 - km 543) will be opened for traffic. This section will continue already operated sections of M-11 in Tver Region (50-km section bypassing Torzhok and 70-km section bypassing Vyshniy Volochyok). In this manner, vehicles will be able to travel uninterruptedly along 330 km of the new Highway (from km 208 to km 543).

Toll tariffs for traveling along the whole section (which is almost one half of M-11 Highway) have been already defined. A light motor vehicle traveling during the daytime along the entire 330 km section will be charged 660 rubles, if paid by cash or bank card. T-pass transponder (issued by Avtodor Toll-Roads) will allow to decrease the toll amount to 356.4 - 396 rubles (40% discount), depending on loyalty program discounts, and to 528 rubles (20% discount), if paid by transponders issued by other operators.

​​​​​​​The table provides more detailed information about toll tariffs for different categories of vehicles and different routes of this section.

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