М-11 Highway’s Section 7 Open for Traffic

On September 3, traffic started at Section 7 of the M11 Highway. The 103-kilometer-long section begins at the intersection of M-11 and the A-120 motor road near Tosno and ends at the intersection of M-11 with the M-10 motor road at Myasniy Bor. Construction is carried out under the concession agreement between the Russian Government represented by State Company Russian Highways and LLC Two Capitals Highway founded by VTB Capital Investment Bank and VINCI Highways.




This new section (from km 543 to km 646) stretches through Novgorod and Leningrad regions far from human settlements. Construction began in the summer of 2016. Total investments exceeded RUB44 billion.

The four-lane highway crosses 12 rivers and 10 brooks. It comprises 39 engineering structures, including 14 bridges and 25 overpasses. Animal migration routes are equipped with wildlife crossings isolated from the Highway with noise protection screens. Section 7 also provides driver rest areas each 20 km – by five rest areas on both sides of the Highway.

One can enter M11 at Novgorod direction — from the Rossiya M10 motor road at the Myasnoy Bor rural settlement. One can also enter M11 at Saint Petersburg direction — from the A120 motor road (Saint Petersburg Southern Semi Ring) at the section between M10 and P23 Pskov. While driving along M10, turn onto the A120 motor road towards Gatchina at the Ulyanovka rural settlement. Drive another 7 kilometers to reach interchange with M11. While driving along P23 Pskov, bypass Gatchina, turn onto Vyritskoye Highway (41K-100 Gatchina – Kurovitsy), and then onto the A120 motor road towards Kirovsk. Drive another 30 kilometers to reach interchange with M11.

M11 Highway construction is in line with best international practices and demonstrates an extraordinary high attention to environmental issues, safety, and driver comfort. This has become the first Russian highway of the highest 1A category. The Highway length totals 669 km. The estimated speed reaches 150 km per hour.  The highway will not only provide high-speed automobile communication between the two capitals but, coupled with the Central Ring Road and the Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod – Kazan highway, it will also become part of the Northern Europe – Western China transport corridor.

Great attention in design and construction was paid to traffic safety. The Highway has no same-level intersections; it is well lit throughout the entire line, and secured with guardrails. Traffic contraflows are separated with the central 6-meter wide median strip. Wild animals cannot enter the Highway thanks to a 2-meter high metal mesh fencing.

The newly opened Section 7 has enabled users to pass through the new highway from Tver to the A120 federal motor road (Saint Petersburg Southern Semi Ring) in the Tosno area. The passage along the 103-kilometer section costs RUB280. The toll for passage from Tver toTosno is RUB1,050. Transponder payments grant discounts of up to 40%.

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