First ticket issued at TP in Myasnoy Bor

Traffic through TP at km 545 in Myasnoy Bor started at 8.00 a.m on 7 June 2018.

Unlike at the WHSD, toll plazas of M-11 Highway are located at ramps outside the main line of the Highway. Therefore, drivers do not need to slow down when passing from one toll section to another.

When entering a toll section, a driver shall obtain a travel ticket. The drivers who use transponders do not need to obtain any ticket. Toll is paid at a toll plaza at the exit from a toll section on the basis of information about time and place of entry indicated in the ticket. If the ticket is lost, a maximum distance tariff will be applied.

Vehicles equipped with transponders do not need to stop at toll plazas. Funds are debited from their personal accounts automatically when vehicles pass through an exit toll plaza.


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