Asphalt works at Saint Petersburg section of M-11 Highway are ongoing

Arrangement of asphalt concrete base course and binder course is in progress at M-11 Highway, Sections 7 & 8.  Works are carried out in Novgorod and Leningrad Regions.

As of today, asphalt concrete base course has been arranged on more than 66 km at different sections of the Highway. The binder course of asphalt concrete pavement has been arranged on the area of 33km in total. 

In May 2016, test laying of asphalt concrete mix, which was selected in advance with participation of specialists in the road construction sphere, was performed. The works were done to define the laying method allowing to obtain the required compaction directly influencing the strength and service life of the asphalt concrete pavement.

The road pavement of M-11 Sections 7 & 8 will have 5 courses with total thickness of 112 cm; 3 courses are asphalt concrete: 13 cm of asphalt concrete base course, 8 cm of binder course and 6 cm of wearing course.

Total length of the construction section is 137.6 km.

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