Site meeting at section 8 of m-11 highway

On Wednesday, 14 June, the contractor performing construction of Sections 7 and 8 of the new Moscow - St.Petersburg M-11 Toll Highway reported on the work progress. Representatives of the project grantor (“Russian Highways” State Company), the concessionaire (“Two Capitals Highway” LLC) and the contractor (Italian-Turkish company ICA Construction) inspected the ongoing construction works at M-11 interchange with the Ring Road of Saint Petersburg (the ramp over Pulkovskoye Highway) and the bridge over the Izhora River at km 663 of the Highway.

According to the Deputy Construction Director of ICA Construction, Igor Lavrenko, the works are being carried out throughout the entire construction site starting from the interchange with the Ring Road of Saint Petersburg to the interchange with M-10 Rossiya Highway located near Myasnoy Bor settlement of Novgorod Region at km 137 of the Highway. Soil excavation, sand filling of embankment and asphalt concrete base course, installation of culverts, construction of bridges and overpasses are in progress at the facility. All 62 engineering structures are under construction.

Arrangement of asphalt concrete base course and  binder course is in progress at some areas of Sections 7 and 8.  As of today, asphalt concrete base course of 1.3 m2 in total has been arranged on the 56 km area of the Highway. The binder course of 0.55 m2 in total has been arranged on the area of 22 km. 

The road pavement of M-11 Sections 7 and 8 will have 5 courses with total thickness of 112 cm; 3 courses are asphalt concrete:  13 cm of asphalt concrete base course, 8 cm of binder course and 6 cm of wearing course.

Mr. Lavrenko  informed that the works were performed in strict compliance with the construction schedule. Pursuant to the Concession Agreement, the completion of all construction works at the facility is scheduled for the end of June 2018.

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