Sketch for Soviet Soldier Monument to Be Installed at Km 561 of M11

In 1942, the Myasnoy Bor rural settlement, near Novgorod, saw fierce battles where the Volkhov Front’s Second Shock Army was tragically destroyed. In early July this year, jointly with Russia’s Search Movement and Novgorod Region’s Administration, Russian Highways announced a creative contest for designing a sketch for the monument "To those who died defending the Fatherland". The monument is to be installed at M11 Highway’s km 561 in Novgorod Region.

Both professional sculptors and students of specialized educational institutions took part in the contest. Having considered all applications, the Organizing Committee selected the sketch by Grekov Military Artists Studio (author: M. M. Malashenko).

The sketch depicts a Great Patriotic War soldier in an all-weather raincoat clutching a rifle in his hand. The 6-meter-high monument will stand on a 280-cm pedestal. On the facade of the cantilevering high relief, it is planned to depict attacking soldiers, and on the backside – a wreath drawn by St. George ribbon with two crosswise rifles.


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