Arrangement of all piers of traffic interchange at intersection of M-11 Highway and the Ring Road of Saint Petersburg completed

Works on construction of foundations and columns of all 30 piers of the overpasses of the traffic interchange between the constructed Moscow - St. Petersburg M-11 Highway and the Ring Road around Saint Petersburg are 100% complete.  Preparatory works on installation of superstructure of one of the ramps across the Ring Road have been started. 

The traffic interchange of M-11 Highway and the Ring Road is being constructed in Moskovsky District of Saint Petersburg in a close vicinity to Pulkovskaya interchange.  The interchange will provide a traffic link of M-11 with all districts of the City through the Ring Road and WHSD (the Western High-Speed Diameter). The interchange includes 5 overpasses: 2 ramps over the railway, 2 ramps over the Ring Road around Saint Petersburg, and 1 over Pulkovskoe Highway. The total length of the overpasses is 4.59 km.

The interchange ramps intersect many existing utility lines, including the main gas pipeline and two railway tracks of Oktyabskaya Railway of Warsaw direction. Works on construction of all ramps are being executed in parallel.

Works on installation of superstructure’s structural steel of the first ramp’s overpass at the traffic interchange – overpass across Pulkovskoe Highway, were completed in August 2017.

As of today, works on arrangement of retaining walls, filling of cones, supply of superstructures’ structural steel, arrangement of special auxiliary structures for launching of overpasses’ superstructures are being carried out.  The total weight of structural steel of the overpasses’ spans will exceed 2000 tons.

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