Installation of structural steel for superstructure of ramp over Pulkovskoye Highway has been completed

The installation of the structural steel with overall weight of 670 tons started in April 2017. So called “launching” method was applied for installation, i.e. each assembled span was launched onto the piers by moving it on rails using winches equipped with guide pulley for ropes. Following the launch, workers would proceed with assembly of the next span. 

The traffic interchange of M-11 Highway with Saint Petersburg Ring Road is being constructed close to the traffic interchange of Pulkovskoye Highway and will connect all districts of Saint Petersburg via Saint Petersburg Ring Road and the Western High Speed Diameter. The interchange includes 5 ramps: two ramps over the railway, two ramps over Saint Petersburg Ring Road, and one over Pulkovskoe Highway. The total length of the ramps is 4.59 km.

The ramps of the traffic interchange intersect many existing utility lines, including the main gas pipeline and two railways of Oktyabrskaya Railway of Warsaw direction. Five ramps are being constructed in parallel, without any vehicle or railway traffic limitation.

Currently, the construction of piers at ramps over Warsaw direction railway via the Ring Road is close to completion. Preparatory works for installation of structural steel of superstructure of one of the ramps over the Ring Road are currently ongoing.


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