To date, “Two Capitals Highway" LLC has put into operation a toll plaza in Myasnoy Bor providing entrance to M-11 Highway section stretching from Veliky Novgorod to Tver.


A closed-type toll collection system is to be arranged at  Moscow - St. Petersburg M-11 Highway. When entering the toll section, a user shall obtain a travel ticket at the toll plaza located on the highway along the travel direction. Toll shall be paid at the toll plaza located at the exit from the toll section based on information about time and place of entry printed on the ticket.

United Toll Systems, LLC (UTS LLC) acts as a toll operator at section km 208 to km 543 of M-11 Highway (TP at km 208, 214, 258, 330, 348, 402, 444, 524 and km 545). Toll can be paid using the following means: cash, bank cards (VISA, MasterCard, MIR), T-Pass transponders.

Vehicles equipped with transponders do not need to stop at toll plazas. Funds are debited from their personal accounts automatically when vehicles pass through an exit toll plaza.

Attention! Breach of the rules for passage through Toll Plazas may lead to imposition of an administrative punishment in the form of the driving license revocation.

Where to buy
T-Pass transponders?

At sales and service offices at M-11 Highway.

A sales and service office of the toll plaza at km 545 in Myasnoy Bor is placed in the  direction of Moscow. One can access the sales office only after passing through the TP.

Working hours: 09:00-21:00, without breaks and weekends.

Visa, Mastercard, MIR bank cards are accepted for payment.

An additional sales office is located at the address: office 504, 111 Moskovskiy Prospekt, St. Petersburg (M-111 Business Center)

Servicing individuals and legal entities.

Working hours: Monday - Thursday 09:00-18:00, Friday 09:00-16:45. Non-working days: Saturday - Sunday.

Visa, Mastercard, MIR bank cards are accepted for payment.

Internet-shop with hand delivery or piking up from self-collection points across the whole Russia https://www.avtodor-tr.ru/ru/shop

Current tariffs

To date, “Russian Highways” State Company has established the following tariffs for operated sections of M-11 Highway

Accident Assistance Service at M-11 Highway

The Accident Assistance Service renders assistance to vehicle drivers in case of any emergency situation.

Telephone number to call in an accident assistant - 8-800-707-23-23 or *2011.

If necessary, accident assistants can fill in fuel tanks, help with repairing  vehicles or in any other emergency situation on the highway, e.g. vehicle stoppage in an undesignated area, presence of unauthorized persons or animals on the highway. In case of a traffic accident, an accident assistant will fence in the accident scene, inform the emergency services and operators of the traffic management center about the event, who will then display a warning message for the drivers on variable message boards.

Moreover, accident assistants may administer first aid to persons affected by an accident.  Accident assistant vans are outfitted with fire-extinguishing equipment, first aid kits, linkage winch, temporary road sign, photo and video recording equipment, GLONASS/GPS onboard navigation equipment.

Toll Plaza in Myasnoy Bor

TP at km 545. The toll plaza is put into operation and located at the traffic interchange of M-11 Highway and M-10 Rossiya Highway in Myasnoy Bor at a 30 km distance from Veliky Novgorod. The toll plaza has 3 entry traffic lanes, 6 exit traffic lanes and 2 reversible lanes which may be used for traveling in both directions. Length of the TP amounts to 334 m.

Operator of the toll section -
United Toll Systems, LLC
Acceptance of users’ complaints - 8-800-302-11-12

State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Novgorod Region
Telephone number of emergency control center: (8162) 98-01-09, (8162) 63-41-49
Address: 42 Khutynskaya Str., Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod Region

Administration of Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing for Novgorod Region;
Telephone number of public reception office: +7 (8162) 971-106, 971-117
E-mail: info@53.rospotrebnadzor.ru
Address: 14 Germana Str., 173002, Veliky Novgorod

List of users granted the right of toll-free passage
Information about “Two Capitals Highway” LLC
Information about United Toll Systems, LLC

For more detailed information about operations of toll plazas, sales and service offices, passage rules for M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg Highway, please contact the information center at the telephone number: 8-800-707-23-23 (24/7, toll-free call throughout Russia).

Additional information at www.avtodor-tr.ru

Weather in Veliky Novgorod and traffic intensity at the interchange in Myasnoy Bor

Section km 543 - km 684 under construction

Three toll plazas (TPs) are envisaged to be arranged at the section of M-11 Highway stretching from Myasnoy Bor to Saint Petersburg (km 543 - km 684) under construction and further operation by “Two Capitals Highway” LLC.

Toll Plazas (TP)

Toll Plaza at km 679

The Toll Plaza (TP) is located in front of the traffic interchange with the Ring Road around Saint Petersburg. The design of the toll road provides for 9 entry lanes and 17 exit lanes. Length of the TP amounts to 469 m.

Toll Plaza at km 646

The Toll Plaza is located at the traffic interchange with A-120 Migistralnaya Highway. The design of the toll road provides for 3 entry lanes and 5 exit lanes. Length of the TP amounts to 343 m.

Information about toll tariffs at the section (km 543 - km 684) will be published on the website after commissioning of the facility and completion of testing.