Important facts

Information disclosure

Two Capitals Highway Limited Liability Company discloses information as stipulated by the requirements of Regulations on Disclosure by Issuers of Issue-Grade Securities No 454-П dd. December 30, 2014.

Two Capitals Highway Limited Liability Company also discloses at the Internet page of OOO Interfax - TsRKI - the information agency accredited by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.  For details, please, follow the link

Bank details, settlement account and cost of documnet copying

Account number: 40702810600030004546
Account type: settlement account in RUB
INN: 7702070139
BIK: 044525187

The cost of A-4 copy of one document amounts to 6 (six) rubles, 00 kopecks, including VAT.

List of documents

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