Construction works on traffic interchange of M-11 Highway with M-10 Highway in Novgorod Region are ongoing

The traffic interchange located at km 545 of Moscow - St. Petersburg M-11 Highway close to Myasnoy Bor Settlement of Novgorod Region will allow to redirect the traffic flow from the new Highway to the existing M-10 Rossiya Highway which has only 3 traffic lanes in that area, and vice versa.

So called “partial cloverleaf” junction will be arranged for entering and exiting M-11 Highway. The traffic interchange will consist of two overpasses above M-10 Highway, two bridges over the River Pitba and an overpass above Chudovo-Novgorod railway.  

The following works are currently ongoing at the Facility: construction of piers for engineering structures, installation of beams for superstructures, delivery and preparation of structural steel of superstructure for installation with approximate total weight of 2000 tons, arrangement of embankment base and road pavement.


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