Construction of M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg Highway has no relevance to the flooding of Slavyanka Residential Area

On 25 August 2017 certain mass media of St. Petersburg released information about flooding of roads at Slavyanka Residential Area due to a failure of reclamation system occurred in the course of construction of M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg Highway. This information does not reflect the actual situation.

For example, mass media published materials informing about “pit excavation carried out by “Two Capitals Highway” LLC between Severskaya Street and M-11 Highway which led to changes in the existing landscape near Slavyanka Settlement and that resulted in partial flooding of internal roads on the side of Moskovskoye Highway”.

The works ongoing at the construction site could not cause disruption of the reclamation system. All the works are carried out within the right-of-way in strict compliance with the documentation, which was granted positive opinion of FAU Glavgosekspertiza Rossii, and do not affect the existing road and utility networks of the residential area. 

 Please note that “Two Capitals Highway” LLC is the concessionaire and an investor of the Project. All works at the Facility are carried out by the contractor (ICA Construction) and its subcontractors.

On 25 August, representatives of “Two Capitals Highway” LLC and ICA Construction participated in a meeting arranged by Pushkin District Administration to discuss the issues of flooding elimination at the roads of Slavyanka Residential Area. Following the meeting it was ascertained that the most probable causes of flooding were highly intensive precipitations and a failure of storm water system to cope with such a load. The road network of the mentioned area gets regularly flooded thus confirming the above mentioned presumption.

Notwithstanding the fact that the construction works did not cause the flooding of the residential area, the contractor, at request of Pushkin District Administration, immediately started to pump out water from the flooded area at its own expense. The water pumping continued from 11.00 , 25 August to 20.00, 26 August using a pump of 400 m3/h capacity.

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